Car Insurance

Get cover for you, your car, your passengers and other drivers with our comprehensive car insurance.

We at ALPHA, believe that, in order for you to get the best out of your car insurance, you must be able to understand what product have you purchased. The variety of car insurance products, which are applicable to various situations, and therefore purchasing an insurance product cannot be easily done without proper advice.

Things like first payment required or access amount in the event of an accident, or specified items, or specified drivers and the purpose for which the vehicle was been used for plays a crucial role in determining your insurance risk. Other aspects may include your driving habits, your age, your marital status, the geographical areas where you reside or work, all these factors plays a role in the type of insurance product you need. Therefor it is very important to take note the cheapest premium might not be an ideal product for you, and likewise, the most expensive car insurance might also not be ideal for your situation, because there are conflict of over insurance and underinsurance to take note of.

  • Credit life assurance
  • Motor vehicle cover
  • Contents cover
  • Third party
  • Sasria
  • Road side assist
  • Medical assist
  • Deposit cover or ad cover

Household Insurance


Household insurance mean different things to different people. Most importantly it might mean peace of mind. We at ALPHA believe in the philosophy of an informed client. Household insurance, just like car insurance, falls under the short term insurance category. This simply means the Short Term Insurance Act is applicable to these type of insurances. There are a number of insurances that fall under short term insurances category, but we will not deal with them for the purpose of this paragraph.

Household insurance, just like car insurance, might include a variety of things, for example: house contents, which are loose items like furniture and accessories, it can also include fixed assets such as the building itself, the geysers, heaters, however most clients confuse house insurance for the building and for the household with that which is mostly sold by banks, which is a credit life assurance. This leads to a lot of confusion because when there is a break in into the house, and one wants to submit a claim, that claim will not be paid because the insurance is not for household but it is for the credit itself, which means the debt that the customer owes the bank.

Most of these credit life assurances are sold to clients without medical underwriting and most of them are called term policies, which means after the life of the bond comes to an end, the policy also ceases. Or put differently, they are also sold as decreasing life policies, where the policy will only pay the outstanding amount of the liability. These credit life assurances are also and applicable to car insurances. Hence we at ALPHA believe that buying any insurance product without proper understanding or having received qualified financial advice, leads to misfortunes and misery.

  • Credit life assurance
  • Building insurance
  • Household contents insurance
  • Third party liability

Life Insurance


At ALPHA CENTAURI, we acknowledge that having life insurance is essential. Life insurance is essentially insurance that you take out on your own life or on the life of another person. If you have taken out life insurance on your own life and you then pass away, a nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries or your estate will be able to claim the lump sum that you have taken the policy out for.

Life insurance can be used for various reasons: it can be used to settle your debts upon death and the administration costs of your estate, it can be ceded to a third party in respect of a loan or it can be used to create wealth or provide for the persons you leave behind.

There is also a fine line when it comes to life insurance. When you are over-insured, you may spend your life paying excessive monthly premiums that could have been spending on your well-being or financial products that you could benefit from during your lifetime. This can be explained further and in detail by our needs-analysis, which is compiled at an individual level.

At ALPHA CENTAURI, we conduct individual needs-analysis for our clients. The need analysis is extensive, time consuming, but it is vital to complete in order for you to get the correct advice. We strive to ensure that the advice we give and the product/s we recommend suit our clients perfectly. There are various life insurance products on the market that have different terms and conditions. It is important to ensure that the right product/s are recommended as the incorrect or ill-suited product could lead to insurance companies rejecting a claim.

We also offer other services in respect of risk insurance:

  • Funeral covers or Final expense cover;
  • Life cover – Disability cover;
  • Loss of income cover;
  • Dread disease cover; and
  • Physical impairment cover.

Travel Insurance


When it comes to travel insurance one must distinguish between normal commuting between your home and your place of employment, and also travelling for leisure or travelling for business outside your normal home and business office environment. ALPHA through its partnership with experienced travel tours such as Jumanji African Tour Brokers, it is able to offer tailor made travel insurance and travel assistance to its clients and non-clients.

  • Travel health insurance
  • Travel liability insurance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Assistance insurance
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