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Make sure your loved ones love you forever with life cover that pays out a lump sum should you pass away.
Affordable Life Insurance Bloemfontein

ALPHA believes that you only need life insurance if there is a debt that you need to settle, should a life event happen, such as disability, severe illness or death. The purpose of the life insurance is to put the individual or the family members in a position which they would have been at had the life event not occurred. In our experience ALPHA has noted with concern people being over insured on life insurances to the extent that it affects their financial security and wellbeing. This can be explained further and in detail by our needs-analysis, which is compiled at an individual level.

When it comes to life insurances the company that offer their said product and their payment statistics is important because an individual needs to have peace of mind, that once the event occurs, they will be insured. Some insurance companies or some insurance products only underwrite a client at claim stage. This simply means they will sell you the policy, you will pay for it but when it comes to you claiming, they will start asking questions. This puts you at a disadvantage because you have bought a product which you are not 100% sure whether it will pay and it will pay the agreed amount. Most of these type of life insurances and policies are easily sold over the telephone or on a simple application form which in most instances takes less than 15 minutes to complete precisely because lots of questions are left to the claim stage.

Therefore ALPHA believes that in order for you to receive any financial advice, a proper and complete needs analysis needs to be conducted. The need analysis is extensive, time consuming, but it is vital for you to get the correct advice. Most clients don’t have time for full needs analysis. It is ironic because they spent most of their time acquiring wealth, building empires and end up losing their entire world which was built because they did not have time to address their needs analysis.

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  • Life cover - Disability cover
  • Loss of income cover
  • Dread disease cover
  • Physical impairment cover

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