The Company offers the following services:

About Alpha Centauri Advisory Services
  • Corporate advice - this entails advice on company owned policies, employee benefit strategies, umbrella funds, business re-engineering strategies, business funding models, drafting of business plans, assisting with liquor licensing for business and advice on liquor related matters.

  • Estate planning - this entails a detailed investigation of clients assets and liabilities, drafting of liquidity analysis reports, drafting of succession plans, drafting of wills and testamentary codicils, administration of deceased estates, reviewing of client’s current liabilities and obligations, planning for unforeseen emergencies, analysis and developing client’s assets acquisition strategies, creation of trust, and conducting trust legal audits.

  • Financial planning presentations and seminars - this entails conducting financial planning presentations for employees and management staff. Presentations covers a variety of financial matters, i.e. individual income tax, administration of deceased/insolvent estates, budgeting and loan redemption schemes, and investments

  • Investment planning - this entails risk profiling of clients and matching their investment strategies to their risk profile. Investment advice on the appropriateness of the investors’ strategy to achieve predetermined financial objectives, continuous re-viewing of investment performance to prevent or limit deviation from predetermined objectives.

  • Income Tax Advice - this entails providing salary structuring services for efficient income tax planning, compiling and submitting client tax returns, advising on tax implications of investments and insurance products.

  • Retirement planning - this entails detailed investigation of your current financial needs verses your perceived future needs. Analysing you current retirement provisions and compiling a projected cash flow at retirement.

  • Risk planning - this entails assessing the clients’ current financial risk factors and develop strategies to minimise the identified risks. This also entails advice on short term insurance in association with other Financial Services Providers.

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