About Alpha Centauri Advisory Services

We are passionate about our clients and their businesses!

We are a licensed financial service provider (licence number 44695) and have been providing personalised financial solutions to our clients since 2013.
About Alpha Centauri Advisory Services

Our value proposition:

  • Most of the financial obligations are caused as a result of a legal transaction and most legal transactions lead to financial obligations. This relationship between law and finance is complex for most people. It is difficult to ascertain where the legal sphere start and where does their financial obligation end.
  • We breach the gap between the two spheres by using legally qualified Attorneys and Certified Financial Planners in our approach to client service.


How do we achieve our proposition:

  • Financial transactions are based on contracts. We advise our clients before they enter into legal contracts by highlighting their rights and obligations.
  • When there is potential breach of the contracts we advise on possible remedies and assist the client to quantify the potential financial obligations likely to follow.
  • We advise clients on acquisition and exist strategies on legal transactions and ongoing financial risk assessments.


What instruments do we use to achieve our value proposition?

  • We use a combination of legal and financial instruments to achieve our client's objectives;

Legal instruments includes:

  • Drafting of contracts;
  • Advising and vetting on contracts of employment;
  • Advising on employment policies;
  • Advising on acquisition strategies;
  • Pre-trial advisory services etc.

Financial instruments includes:

  • Comprehensive financial planning solutions;
  • Investment planning;
  • Risk planning;
  • Trust advisory services;
  • Drafting of Wills;
  • Employee benefits; etc.

Our Partners

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